A passion for gold and precious stones

A spirit of innovation; outstanding craftsmanship.

Soft curves and opalescent colours. Luna is like something from a dream.

Colours and shades of stones for rings and bracelets with a strong feminine feel.


The iconic ring of the brand. Elegant design with a “nude” stone that captures the light, giving infinite colour combinations.



Soft lines, openwork designs and coloured stones.

Rings, necklaces and pendants with precious stones and curved lines. Elegant mounting to show the stones at their best.

A thousand hues. A collection with an exotic flavour. A range characterised by a concave pavé of amethysts, topaz and rhodolites.



Combinations of colours using lighter, thinner, rough cut stones. Precious transparent drops illuminated by an array of diamonds and colourful stones.



Stones in irregular, colourful drops sit side by side with small, contrasting gems.



Stones reminiscent of sweets, with combinations of contrasting colours.



The iconic Lucciole play with light points, multiplying them with a thousand small diamonds.



In a lively game of stack and tell, mixing and matching different colours can express a whole new world of emotions.



Intense drops from warm hues set on seductive shapes with sinuous curves.

Unconventional gems come to life on jewels with curved designs.



Capri creations enchant the eye with an ocean of brilliant colour contrasts.



The diamond-sprinkled surfaces of Sabbia glimmer as they catch the light.


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